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A new Country Guide to India

A new Country Guide to India

The guide includes the experiences that many small and medium-sized firms from Vicenza and the Veneto got there, both in terms of successful investments they made and tough issues they had to deal with. The guide is also the first outcome of a cooperation project set up between the manufacturers' associations of Vicenza and Padova in the past few months.

“India is already the world's fourth economy, after the USA, China and Japan, but at their current pace they are about to rank among the top three economies – said Stefano Acerbi, head of the Foreign Trade Department of Confindustria Vicenza -. This is enough to see why our firms are highly interested in India but their economy suffers from poor infrastructure and bureaucratic red tape, as well as a variety of cultural issues that are very difficult to tackle. This may also explain why made-in-Italy products hardly come to India, but now this country seems ahead of new opportunities for growth”.
The conference speakers from Sace, Simest, Banca Popolare di Vicenza, Ca' Foscari University of Venice, Titus legal office of Delhi, tackled all those credit, financial and legal issues that are of prime importance to anyone making investments in India. Venice port authorities also joined the conference to present the new Venice-India trading routes. After MeccAlte and Simem introduced the business done with Indian firms, Sanjay Kumar Verma, India's Consul General in Milan, said: “Don't do business in India because you feel sympathetic towards the poor people living there – he said – but because you want to make investments and a profit. India is changing, it is not a perfect place and we are aware that there are obstacles, but we are trying to overcome them”.

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